What is Making it in Toronto?

Making it in Toronto is a how-to guide for excelling in your career and business in the city of Toronto.


What do you mean by “how-to guide?”

After reflecting on my career journey and exploring the stories of people excelling in Toronto, I realized that there are particular approaches to being successful in the city.

Have you ever seen someone – maybe a friend or neighbour in the city – absolutely crushing it in their business or skyrocketing up the corporate ladder? Or have you seen someone doing your dream job and wondered how he or she got there? You might think they’re just really talented or lucky. The truth is that they’re doing something that you aren’t. They have figured out something you haven’t.

Not surprisingly, their methods are largely hidden from plain view and are definitely not taught in colleges and universities. This is why so many of us struggle to find something that we love to do, and actually excel at it and make money.

Making it in Toronto uncovers these approaches and presents them in ways that are accessible to to everyone in the city.


How exactly does Making it in Toronto give me access to these approaches?

Either through listening to the Podcasts or checking out the GuideBook, you will learn what it takes to actually excel in the city. Making it in Toronto distills the experiences of actual young, successful people in the city into actionable steps that can be applied to your own life. We guarantee that you’ll be empowered to take action after visiting makingitintoronto.com.


Why do I need to learn these approaches?

Well you don’t want to be left behind. Right now, Toronto is booming with tons of exciting employment and business opportunities. The city has also become world-class but there is still a lots more opportunities for those that are equipped to take advantage of them. Think of where New York, Los Angeles or Chicago are right now as business and technology hubs; that’s where Toronto will be in a few short years. You could be on the forefront of this revolution.

Sadly, many of us are still struggling to break into our fields, find a well-paying job or grow our side businesses. But by accessing Making it in Toronto, you can learn from some of the best minds in the city and gain actionable tips to trigger a breakthrough.


Who is Othniel Litchmore and why is he doing this?

I’m the founder of Making it in Toronto and the host of the Podcast. I hold a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration.  I love helping people find the strategies that will improve the way they make their living. I also love to see people find out what they’re good at and excel at it. This is basically what I’ve done throughout my career. I have also learnt a lot through my own career struggles and now I’m in a position where I can compile all this useful information in one space.

I wanted to create Making it in Toronto because I think most of us live in silos and are not exposed to the people or information that could alter our lives. Simply put, we don’t know what we don’t know. So I created Making it in Toronto to give everyone access to a world you may not even know existed and I can assure you that you will be inspired and empowered.