At 28, Dwayne ‘Dukez’ Holness is the CEO of Corex Creative, a digital media production company based in Toronto.

We’ve all heard this story before:

A kid growing up in the hood starts heading down a dangerous path because he’s hanging with the wrong crowd. Then one day, a significant event alters the course of his life – causing him to turn over a new leaf and inspires him to do good and not evil.

Dwayne was that kid. But he wasn’t satisfied with being just another business owner and positive role model.

He set out to build a business that actively advocates for young creatives in the city. For Dwayne, Corex Creative is not just a way to make money but, more importantly, a vehicle to help young creatives take their ideas to the next level and receive fair compensation.

By his own admission, Corex is on a mission to change how creatives operate in this city. He’s committed to collaborating and putting others on.

In our chat he talks about:

  • The events that forced him turn his life around
  • How he built and scaled his businesses
  • How to build a meaningful business that has maxiumum impact on your community
  • How to move with calculate steps
  • What makes him special and why his business has continued to grow exponentially


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