Aisha Addo, 25, is the creator of Toronto’s first, women’s-only ridesharing service, DriveHer. Think of it as an Uber for women only. All female drivers and all female riders.


In our chat, Aisha made it clear that DriveHer isn’t just a transportation or technology company.  Instead, it’s meant to create a community of empowered women while providing them safe commuting spaces.


She also revealed:

  • How she got the idea for the service
  • The challenges she encountered while setting up DriveHer
  • Where she got the funding
  • How she was able to generate so much media attention.


We even discussed how she has been able to deal with the haters.


Currently DriveHer is engaged in a crowdfunding campaign which ends on November 1, 2016. Aisha has set a goal of $20,000 – the cost of acquiring a transportation licence to operate in the city of Toronto. I’m encouraging everyone to head over to donate to Aisha’s impressive vision.

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