Saron Gebresellassi is the owner and lead attorney at Gebresellassi Law (soon to be Saron and Associates) and she’s also very accomplished in a number of other arenas. Just google her name and you’ll see why I won’t bother listing all her accolades. Let’s just say she’s legit and she’s also currently involved in a number of high profile cases in the city.


I wanted to have Saron on the podcast because I was intrigued by her transformation into a full-fledged entrepreneur. I first met her during my years at York University doing student activism. Back then, Saron was your classic liberal-minded advocate for the marginalized and disenfranchised. Today, she’s a savvy entrepreneur building a small business in the city. Although she still gives a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves, she’s also driven by profits and the idea of creating intergenerational wealth. On the podcast Saron explains how she was able to reconcile these pursuits.


Saron chose entrepreneurship instead of being an employee because she didn’t want to be capped or boxed in. Whereas most people would try to find a job at law firm right out of school, Saron made the bold move of starting her own firm. She recognized early in life that challenging conventional wisdom was when she was at her best. This is why she encourages others to adjust their thinking and imagine making a greater impact on their community and city.


This interview was really entertaining and thought-provoking. As you can tell Saron has some interesting views on what it takes to make it in Toronto.

You can find Saron on Facebook @ Saron Gebresellassi

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