Hamza Khan and Kareem Rahaman are the innovators behind the 3 year old; Toronto based digital marketing start-up, Splash Effect.


After years of individual freelancing, the guys recognized that they would increase their odds of landing major accounts if they pooled their resources and joined forces.


Splash Effect is now a thriving company, with a team of 6, working with brands like Hootsuite and educational institution like U of T. So impressive has been their growth, that they have been able to double their revenue every year since inception.


Hamza, 29, is an award-winning marketer and articulate speaker responsible for product development and coordinating projects at Splash Effect, while Kareem, 29, is a serial entrepreneur who handles client acquisitions and business development.


In this episode Hamza and Kareem talk about:

  • The various components to digital marketing;
  • their social media strategies;
  • the state entrepreneurship in Toronto and;
  • how to build a 6-figure business with no loans


Hamza and Kareem possess 2 of the brightest business minds I’ve come across in the city. They really understand what it takes to make a killer pitch, put together a clear plan and execute on time and on budget.


This is a must listen for anyone interested in learning about marketing, entrepreneurship or business development in Toronto


You can check out their work at splasheffect.ca and follow them on twitter Hamza @HamzaK and Kareem @dynamyk


Hamza’s Tedx talks are available here and here

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