Patties vs Doubles, Injera and Chill and Jollof Wars. 26 year old Eden ‘The Black Foodie’ Hagos is the mastermind behind these innovative food events. She has been featured on CBC radio, Globe and Mail and the Metro newspaper.


After graduating from York University and unable to afford grad school, Eden started searching for a way to still be creative and explore her interests.


Then a negative experience at a local restaurant not only forced her to question the way she thought about food, but also the way her community experienced food. That was when was born.


Eden recognized that there were few spaces online and in real life where black food culture was being explored and celebrated. She also recognized that millennials, like her, wanted a space to learn about and enjoy black food. So she fashioned herself into an entrepreneur and created the ‘Black Foodie’ to lay claim to these spaces.


In today’s episode, Eden talks about her Black Foodie journey and what she has learned about building a business, marketing, collaboration and networking. She also reveals her obstacles and gives advice to anyone attempting to create a business in Toronto by following their passion.


Eden Hagos is Making it in Toronto because she’s resourceful and has decided to walk a path less travelled in order to do something meaningful in her life and her community.


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