At 27, Idil Omar is your classic high-achiever. She’s bright, articulate and has an uncanny ability to juggle numerous commitments without missing a beat.


However, after receiving her Human Resource (HR) Management certification a few years ago, she found herself in the same position most recent graduates do. Jobless with no experience.


She eventually accepted a position at the Ryerson University Digital Media Zone (DMZ) as an assistant to the executive director and soon discovered her passion for working with startups.


Today, Idil is the Director of Operations at the Toronto startup, Design Cofounders, and the owner of the HR consulting firm, Dubad Consulting.


Dubad consulting was born out of Idil’s entrepreneurial desire to solve a problem. She recognized that far too many recent grads find it difficult to gain a foothold in the job market, just like she did. With Dubad consulting, she found an ingenious way of providing HR grads with needed work experience and Idil explains how this in done on the podcast.     


Having worked with close to 200 startups, Idil is somewhat of a Toronto startup guru and in this episode she explained:

  • what a startup looks like in Toronto;
  • how to create one and;
  • how to get funding


She even gave me pointers on how to turn the Making it in Toronto podcast into a successful startup.


Idil Omar is Making it in Toronto. She understands what the future of the city will be and she has positioned herself to be a critical piece of that future. I have no doubt that she’ll be on the Forbes top 30 under 30 list sometime soon. I learned a lot from Idil and I know you will too.


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